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As a whole, the work evokes feelings of comfort, innocence, and contentment that I believe to be the goal. While the composition and subject matter aren't unique to the genre, the work is executed with considerably more skill than most pieces from the same arena. In particular, the balances between the more solid colors and patterns is especially well handled. Too, the lighting, while subtle, is quite effective; every time I look at the work again, I see some new aspect of the lighting or composition that I had somehow overlooked.

The only two points, both of which are minor, that I can see wrong with this are 1) It is slightly busy 2) The perspective seems slightly skew. Given the subject matter, the sheer number or patterns and objects is more than acceptable for verisimilitude, and in this case doesn't truly detract from the overall effect. The nearer rail, the one that is down, seems a touch out of alignment with the far side of the crib. Again, not something that jumps out of the page, but did become evident as I studies the work.

As a whole, the piece is representative of the artist: well composed, very well executed, sure to invoke envy in we lesser mortals.
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Pink-Diapers Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
Thank you very much for you well thought out and very insightful critique. It was a pleasure to read.
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